All of our caregivers are licensed, certified and bonded nurse aides,
home health aides, vocational nurses, registered nurses or
experienced private duty health care professionals with a minimum of
5 years experience. We survive and thrive on referrals due to our
limited advertising budget and efforts; therefore "warm bodies" are not
what we are about. We try to maintain work for all the caregivers
associated with our agency, and do not run the
First Aide Agency
Sisters Senior Care Homes as a "business only" venture. We have
placed only two help wanted ads in our existence and strive to obtain
good caregivers through networking and word of mouth from persons
knowledgeable in what makes a good caregiver, such as former
clients, social workers, physicians, nurses and current caregivers.
Each and every caregiver from the time of their first client until their
last undergo 60 day background checks covering credit, criminal and
motor vehicle criteria. Our motto since day one has been,
"Consistency and quality of care is our highest priority". Simply put,
our caregivers will arrive on time, present themselves as professionals
and provide the best care possible. Additionally, you will see the same
caregivers face each and every visit unless the case is a 24/7 or there
is an emergency. We will provide references not only on the agency
as a whole, but on your particular caregiver as well. Please
understand this is much more than a business to not only the owners,
Sheila and Nancy, but to each and every caregiver working with our
March 2005
Featured in Senior News
publication as Highest Rated
Senior Services provider based
on 100% satisfaction survey of
all clients the last 3 years.
Fall 2012
Very excited to announce the
opening of our next expansion of
care into Personal Care Homes.
Please see "Care Homes" tab.